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Freedom Clause



In 2013, good friend and aspiring author, Colby Sutter asked me to coffee to talk about his dream to write a book about how to achieve freedom from addiction and bad habits, a subject he was intimately familiar with.


Freedom Clause by Colby Sutter


Colby was just stuck. He knew what he wanted to say, but he lacked the right tools to help him make his dream a reality. He didn’t need a writer; he just needed a coach. He just needed to be pointed in the right direction and empowered to start.


So, I pulled out one of my tools that I often use to help new writers begin – The Fundamentals of Organized Writing. And over the next couple of hours and mocha lattes, we developed a clearly defined vision, an organized and intentional direction, a clear outline, and a much-needed writing schedule. Two years later in 2015, Colby’s book, Freedom Clause became a reality. Colby is now one of the foremost authorities on achieving freedom in your personal life. Freedom Clause is an Amazon best seller, and in 2018, Colby released its partnering study guide, Hope + Love = Freedom. Colby and his book have been featured on TED talk.

Paving for success:

“freedom clause” an Amazon Best Seller!

in 2018, colby released its partnering guide, “hope + love = freedom”.

colby and his book have been featured on ted talk


“Simply stated, Brandi Ginty is one of the best in the business. I have wanted to write a book since I was in 4th grade. I struggled for two years with an idea. I was stuck, with no clear vision for how to accomplish this goal of mine. This is where Brandi entered. She drew out of me my vision, and skillfully assisted me to nail down the reason I wanted to write, and my hopes and dreams related to my passion for this book.

Now, I am very proud to say, my book is an Amazon best seller. I was also selected to do a TED Talk based on some of my book’s content.

This book has helped hundreds of people and I owe a large portion of that to Brandi for helping me find my vision, my direction, my inner voice and most importantly, helping me chase down and achieve my hopes and dreams.”

Colby Sutter, Author, Speaker

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