My name is Brandi and I like cream in my coffee.

My name is Brandi and I like cream in my coffee. Maybe that seems like a weird way to introduce yourself professionally, but I believe how a person takes their coffee tells you a lot about them. For example, I like my coffee with a good amount of cream and preferably a little on the sweet side. It just makes it so much better. It may seem self-explanatory, but better is just, well… better. And I am all about making things better.

I am something of an eternal student. I am always in the process of learning. I have a bachelor’s degree, two masters, and I’m crazy enough to go after my doctorate. I can’t help myself. I love knowing a lot about a lot of things. I love to create, to imagine and to dream about what could be. Because when you know a lot, you can do a lot. That has given me the opportunity to sample a ton of different professional fields.

Writer, editor, public speaker, tutor, teacher, program developer, camp director, producer, creative arts manager… and the list just goes on and on. I am like a professional Jack-of-all-Trades.

But that is what led me to Inkible. I realized that in every job I have ever had, my favorite part has always been the fun of collaborating with other creative people. I am really crazy passionate about helping others make their ideas shine.

So, for the past 10 years, I have dedicated my life to partnering with my clients to bring their projects to life. I brainstorm, create, strategize, hypothesize, plan, dream, critique, execute and imagine all that could be in whatever creative arena I find myself in. And that is what I bring to the table – a ton of experience and an eye for excellence.

I like being a creative Jack-of-all-Trades, and I promise you, you’ll like it, too.


Writing Coach

Literary Project Development and Collegiate Writing Assistance

Publishing Consultant

Publication Education and Prep

Content Editor

Full Content Edit, Drafting and Proofing for Publication

Freelance Writer

Copy Writing for Publication and Website Development

Public Speaking Coach

Public Presentation Prep, Presentation Review, Verbal and Nonverbal Performance

Creative Developer

Brainstorming and Creative Content Collaboration, Project Management

Ministry Consultant

Message Prep, Program Development, Workshop Creation, Curriculum Writer, and Teaching Coach

Conference Speaker

Conference Presenter and Minister, Workshop/Breakout Presenter, Creative Consultant