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Inkible has partnered together with Lee Wilson Ministries on more projects that I can count.

Inkible was born out of a project first offered to me by Pastor Lee Wilson, founder of Lee Wilson Ministries, and currently the Executive Director of Programming at Abundant Life Christian Center in Syracuse, NY. Together, we began to create resources that would help empower youth ministries to more effectively and with more relevancy reach in to the life of young people.


Lee Wilson Ministries


Lee just needed someone to partner with him to bring his vision for his products to life. He could see them in his head, but needed help getting them out of his head. This is where Inkible came in. And together we have created dozens of products that are being used across the country.


Partnering with him on the creation of youth mission programs, devotional content, messaging series and products, student leadership training materials, articles for youth ministry magazines and so much more, has been an amazing and educational experience. It also opened me up to the world of not only content creation, but coaching, consultation and conferencing. I fell in love with teaching other people! I am forever grateful that I have had the opportunity to partner with Lee Wilson time and time again, and hopefully, for more to come!

lee wilson ministries

He has been a youth conference speaker, both nationally and internationally.

Started website to empower people to minister to others.

Lee is a highly sought after consultant for youth ministries across the country.


Whenever I am working on a new project, INKIBLE is the first place I start. From brainstorming to writing, or from visualization to implementation, INKIBLE always delivers. No matter the size of the project, I always receive more than what I initially expected.

Working with INKIBLE never feels like a business deal, but more like a partnership. Brandi Ginty is committed to helping you reach your goals with clarity and provide long-term strategies for continued success. I can’t imagine doing what I do without INKIBLE at the drawing board with me. I’m very confident in my purpose and vision partly because of INKIBLE.

INKIBLE makes your vision POSSIBLE.


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