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In 2017, I partnered with John Carter Communications (JCC) again to help prepare the travel book for their upcoming study tour to the country of Israel.

The tour was designed to walk people through the dynamic and rich history of the biblical scriptures. The trip included over twenty different destinations in the country.


John Carter Communications Study Tours


JCC wanted to showcase the history for each stop, and to present a detailed background of information.


Together with the travel team, with the aid of dozens of hours of research, we created an extensive tour aid, a booklet containing the biblical history of the country that every tourist could reference while traveling and learning together.


Over 50 people traveled to Israel to experience the history of the Bible using the travel book that I developed.

Instant success!

This book is scheduled to be used again in 2019.


“Working with Inkible was an incredible experience in both high quality project management and excellent product development.  From the beginning of our project, Brandi was attentive, professional, and delivered on all the deadlines on time or early.  The attention to detail and commitment to capture and deliver on the vision resulted in a product that we will be able to use for years to come.  Her knowledge in writing and communication, combined with her professional education is an assurance to the client that you will get a solid, market competitive product.  I highly recommend Inkible.”

Pastor Amy Carter
Abundant Life Christian Center

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