I love a good journal. No matter where I go, you can find a journal on me – somewhere – usually in my purse but just as often in my hand. I have a serious addiction to buying them. 

I keep an eye out for a good one every time I am out shopping. Like I don’t have enough already. And God help me if there is a stock of them on sale. There goes all my play money. Big or little, plain or flashy, lined or unlined, I have a small mountain of journals stocked up in closets, on bookshelves and cluttering the drawers of my desk. I just can’t help myself.

As a creative, you always have to have a journal or notebook available. Some people use their phone’s notes, and that’s great for a quick fix. But there is something about keeping pen and paper on hand. Connecting physically to the ideation process is part of creating. It doesn’t matter what kind of creative you are, something to write on is a necessity. If you’re a chef or a baker, you scribble out half-baked recipes. If you’re a designer, you doodle. If you’re a screenwriter, you draft not-yet-perfect dialogue. Every creative mind needs that safe place to be exactly that —


Maintaining a space where you can capture ideas, thoughts or inspirations is a wonderful practice for developing your creative gift. If you want to take good care of your creative gift, you have to make room for it to develop and grow. And I have found that the idea or inspiration will refuse to fully take root until you put the pen to the paper. 

Hayley Phelan of The New York Times in her article titled, “What’s All This About Journaling?” said it best, “One thing journaling has taught me is that the mind is a surprising place, and you often don’t know what it may be hiding until you start knocking around in there.” (Click Here to Read the Full Article)

I love that! Your mind is a surprising place you have to explore. It’s an investment. So, go explore! Keep a journal nearby. Be ready for your imagination to spark. Make space for your creativity to grow. And don’t worry so much about how many journals you buy.

I am sure your accountant can find a write off for it on your taxes.