Inkible Collegiate Writing Class (Online)


3-Week Collegiate Writing Course
Held Online Virtually via Zoom
Cost: $250.00/person

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Maybe you’re a college student and you just want to be a better writer getting better grades. Or maybe you’re a non-traditional student going back to school after some time and the idea of writing collegiate papers scare you. If this sounds like you, then sign up for the Inkible Collegiate Writing Class! This class includes (3) 1-hour lessons that are designed to help you write those papers that get those A’s! This is online class will give you face-to-face teaching time with owner of Inkible, Brandi Ginty and will include:

Lesson One – Thesis and Argumentation

  • Introduction to Collegiate Writing
  • Thesis Development
  • Creative Narrative Arcs
  • The Rules for Argumentation
  • Examples of a Great Thesis

Lesson Two – Research and Outlining

  • How to Address the Problem
  • What is Scholastic Research?
  • Research Tools and Databases
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Templates for Outlining

Lesson Three – Formatting, Drafting and Editing

  • Creating a Map for Your Paper
  • Writing Style Guidelines and Formatting
  • Citation and Referencing
  • Academic Writing Language
  • Editing Technique