Inkible Writers Workshop (Online)


Inkible Writers Workshop
Held Online Virtually via Zoom
Cost: $150.00/person


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Writing is talent and a passion, but it is a craft best developed by connecting to a community. The Inkible Writers Workshop is available for all writers at any level looking to go to the next stage in their writing. Whether you’re just starting or you’re looking for creative tips and ideas to help you complete that writing project that seems to be taking forever, this workshop is exactly what you’re looking for.

Creative Consultant, Communications Coach and Owner of Inkible, Brandi Ginty will teach you online, face-to-face at your own pace, the creative process that has helped many of her clients start and finish writing projects. In this workshop you will learn about:

  • The Art of Getting Started
  • Discovering Your Genre, Audience and Voice
  • Developing Raw Ideas
  • Creating Outlines and Guides
  • How to Do Your Research
  • Producing the First Draft
  • Editing the Aftermath
  • The Path to Publishing
  • Breaking Writers Block (AKA Getting Unstuck)

Register for this 2-hour online workshop today and get started on your writing projects!