Inkible Writers Masterclass (Online)


6-Week Writing Masterclass
Held Online Virtually via Zoom
Cost: $250.00/person

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This Masterclass is designed to take every genre of writer to the next level. Together with Brandi Ginty – Creative Consultant, Communications Coach and Owner of Inkible, this class will give you the accountability and practice you need to make real progress in your writing. With weekly assignments and opportunities to share your work, this Masterclass will provide the constructive feedback and direction needed to help your writing project take off!

Topics in this 6-Week Masterclass will include:

  • Advanced Outlining
  • Plot Development
  • Character Creation
  • Dialogue and Point of View
  • Descriptive Narrative and Storytelling
  •  Manuscript Formatting and Drafting
  • Constructive Feedback and Editing

This Masterclass will also include the following opportunities:

  • One-on-One Teaching and Coaching with Brandi Ginty
  • Access to Inkible’s Proven Resources for Writers